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Take on the challenges of tomorrow to make quantum technology dreams come true


  • Final reports on the Quantum Phase III (2011-15)
  • UQCC2015

The Project UQCC aims at promoting research and development on quantum cryptography and communications, and disseminating outcomes for the benefit of society. The core of the project consists of the NICT research laboratories and the NICT commissioned research teams from private and public organizations. Those research teams comprise the Quantum ICT Forum of Japan to strengthen the cross-disciplinary collaboration among the academia, industry and government. The Project UQCC integrates those activities and relevant projects in Japan, and also offers a platform of international collaborations with projects in other countries.

News & Updates

  • "R&D page" has been updated with final reports of the Quantum Phase III (2011-2015). (20 January 2016)
  • Supplemental site "The Tokyo QKD Network at present" is available. (24 July 2015)
  • International confernece, "UQCC2015" and "QCrypt2015" web pages are opened. (December 2014)
  • "R&D page" has been updated with achievements in the first half period of the Quantum Phase III (2011-2015). (15 November 2013)
  • Latest results of field test with the Tokyo QKD Network has been uploaded at "The Tokyo QKD Network". (2 April 2012)
  • The site has been updated. More information available at "Research and Development", "Research Collaborators", "Publication", and "Committees and Task Forces". (2 February 2012)
  • The site has been updated. More information available at "Research Collaborators", "Publication", and "Events and Photos". (20 December 2011)
  • Photos taken during Start-up Meeting of NICT Commissioned Research (27-28 October 2011) have been uploaded on "Events and Photos" page. (20 December 2011)
  • Towards a wider acceptance of QKD
    The strengths and current weaknesses of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) were passionately discussed during the UQCC2010 conference. A task force consisting of many experts around the world was set up with the aim to consolidate the outcomes of these discussions into a summary document. This document is devoted mainly to give an outline of latest status of QKD with some case studies where the use of QKD deserves to be considered, and to solve confusions and doubts about the security issues of QKD.
    Towards a wider acceptance of QKD


Project Secretariat:
Quantum ICT Advanced Development Center, Advanced ICT Research Institute, NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)