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Instruction on how to get to remm AKIHABARA HOTEL Narita Airport has two terminals (Terminal 1 and 2) and each Terminal has its own railway station. There are two lines (JR and Keisei) and we recommend to use the JR line.
It is necessary to change train once at Tokyo Station, But the ticket is common for JR lines. Thus , buy a ticket to Akihabara Station and also the express ticket to Tokyo Station. It costs about 3,000yen in total per person.

First from Narita Airport (either terminal) please take JR Narita Express (rapid train that runs every hour), In about 70 minutes, you will arrive at Tokyo Station.
(Every Narita Express stops at Tokyo Station, but some will Run even further. So please don't miss the Tokyo Station)

Then, to change to JR Yamanote Line (silver color with green line or green), you have to move from the basement to the 1st floor.

In about 5 minutes, (Tokyo st. - Kanda st. - Akihabara st.), You will arrive at Akihabara station.

Please go out the Central Exit of Akihabara Station. You can see the Starbucks coffee shop on your left. remm AKIHABARA HOTEL is located next to Starbucks coffee shop. The front desk is 6th floor.

Hotel Map (PDF:920KB)